Convention on the Civilization of Chinese Citizens
Column:Code of Conduct Time:2018-05-18

In order to  improve the civilized quality of citizens and shape the good  international image of Chinese citizens, the Central Civilization Office  and the National Tourism Administration jointly promulgated the  Guidelines for Civilized Behavior of Chinese Citizens on Outbound  Tourism and the Convention on Civilization Behavior of Chinese Citizens  for Domestic Tourism.


Convention on the Civilization of Domestic Tourism in China


Creating a civilized and harmonious tourism environment is related to the vital interests of each tourist. Being civilized tourists is an obligation for all of us. Please observe the following conventions:
1. Maintain environmental sanitation. No spitting, no chewing gum, no litter, no smoking in non-smoking places.
2. Obey the public order. Do not clamor, queue up to observe order, do not block the way, do not speak loudly in public places.
3, protect the ecological environment. Do not step on green land, do not cut off flowers and trees, and do not chase, throw, or feed animals.
4, protect cultural relics. Do not engrave the cultural relics, do not climb and touch the artifacts, and photograph the camera to observe the regulations.
5, cherish public facilities. Do  not insult guest room supplies, do not damage public facilities, do not  occupy small profits, save water and electricity, and eat without  wasting.
6, respect for the rights of others. Do  not force pictures with foreign guests, do not sneeze at others, do not  occupy public facilities for a long time, respect the labor of service  personnel, and respect the religious customs of various ethnic groups.
7, pay attention to treat others with courtesy. The  clothes are tidy and well-knit, and they do not lay bare their shirts  in public places; rituals let young and old sick, courteous ladies; do  not speak foul language.
8, promote health and entertainment. Resist feudal superstitious activities, rejecting pornography, gambling and drugs.

A guide to the civilized behavior of Chinese citizens in outbound tourism


Chinese citizens, outbound tourism, pay attention to etiquette and maintain dignity.

Pay attention to hygiene, care for the environment; dress properly, do not squat.

Respect for the elderly and help young people; Ms. priority, courtesy and humility.

Travel to work and observe time; queuing is orderly, not yellow line.

Accommodation in a civilized place does not detract from supplies; quiet dining, do not waste.

Healthy entertainment, beneficial to body and mind; gambling pornography, firmly refused.

Visit and observe the rules; customs taboos, do not offend.