Leading Party Members' Major Events Reporting System
Column:Code of Conduct Time:2018-05-18

In  order to strengthen the management and supervision of party members and  leading cadres, and promote party members and leading cadres to be  honest and self-discipline, this system is specifically formulated.

I. Major Expenditure and Investment Events

Leading  cadres, spouses, and children living together, each time a major  expenditure and investment of more than 100,000 yuan, such as the  purchase of real estate, automobiles, establishment of a company, stocks  outside the investment group, etc., need to write a written report to  the party committee, approved After handling.

II. Treatment of major family matters such as weddings, funerals and marriages

When  party leaders and their spouses and children living together are  involved in weddings, funerals, moving to new homes, birthdays, studies,  and children, they must vigorously advocate change and common practice,  and be diligent and thrifty. The parties should write a written report  to the Party Committee, handle it after approval, and ensure that Do the following:

1. Leaders within the group must not accept gifts or gifts from lower-level personnel;

2. It is forbidden to receive gifts and gifts from business units;

3.  The chairmanship and general manager group banquets are limited to  senior management leaders. Other leading cadres are limited to superior  leaders and colleagues at the same level. The  number of leaders in high-level management shall not exceed 30, and the  number of other cadres' banquets shall not exceed 60;

4. Written reports indicate information such as time, place, number of people, and staff composition.

III. Major foreign earnings

The  party leading cadres and their spouses and children living together  live in addition to wages, bonuses, and points of the group, and the  major revenues with an annual income of more than 100,000 yuan, such as  selling houses, selling cars, and return on investment, the parties  wrote a written report to the party committee.

IV. Related transactions related to the economic aspects of each unit of the group

Party  members and their leading cadres and their families and relatives and  friends are not allowed to participate in related party transactions  related to the economic activities of each unit of the group, such as  material supply and project construction.

The  scope of party members and leading cadres refers to the cadres  appointed by the group's human resources department's red headed  document.

If any of the above provisions are violated, they will be given criticism, removed from work or demoted. Violators who violate disciplines and disciplines are severely dealt with according to law.