Employee rules
Column:Code of Conduct Time:2018-05-18

First, love the motherland and care about national affairs;
    Second,  he loves Qidu Pharmaceutical, takes the factory as his home, loves and  respects his career, pays attention to the development of the enterprise  and actively works for it;
    Third,  concern about the collective, actively participate in collective  activities, and actively participate in democratic management;
    Fourth,  comrades in solidarity should be considered for others, understand and  respect others, and build a harmonious interpersonal relationship;
    5. Compliance with the law, consciously abide by national laws and company rules and regulations, subject to company management;
    Six,  care for the environment, do a good job in environmental sanitation,  love flowers and trees, adhere to set management, and strive to create  clean factories and garden-style units;
    7. Strictly observe the secrets of the company and consciously safeguard the interests and safety of the company;
    VIII. Protecting company property and resolutely opposing acts such as corruption, theft, damage to company property, etc.;
    IX.  Adhere to life-long learning, continuously improve the skills and  skills of good work, and actively participate in the creation activities  of learning-oriented families, learning-oriented enterprises, and  learning-oriented society;
    X. Strengthen moral cultivation and cultivate unique cultural qualities and personality charm;
    Eleven,  treat people with sincerity, behave in a sincere manner, and actively  strive to achieve cooperation in business transactions to achieve a  win-win situation, but not be imposed on others;
    Twelve, to implement conservation, oppose waste, start from scratch, and do a good job in cost control.