Employees' daily code of conduct
Column:Code of Conduct Time:2018-05-18

First, dress
    When you go to work in a workshop or production area, you should dress according to company regulations (including accessories).
    Daily dress should be dignified, clean and generous.
    When the company holds a conference or organizes an event, it should dress according to the specified requirements.
    Dressed in six places in the workplace: too cluttered, too bright, too exposed, too much perspective, too short, too tight.
    Second, reception
    (a) Greeting
    Meeting with colleagues in the company should greet each other or nod their heads.
You must not choose to say hello to your personal preference. You should say hello to everyone.
    When you hear someone say hello to you, you should respond with enthusiasm and generousness to avoid impoliteness.
    (b) Visiting guests
    The hospitality is polite and warm and generous, and guests are required to sit and drink in tea and talk properly.
    Guests  are welcome to open the door for the guests, owed to the waist,  gesturing gestures to the guests first, close the door lighter.
    Do not introduce guests to superiors without the consent of the superior.
    The superiors do not have to be too polite about the subordinates and the elders. Being too polite will give people an uncomfortable feeling.
    (III) Behavior
    When you walk, you must be full of energy. Look forward to nature, and don't go with your peers.
    When the two are in parallel, seniors, ladies and minors are required to walk farther away from the motor vehicle lane. When  the three people are in parallel, let the worshiper be in the middle;  when marching forward and backward, let the worshiper be in the front  position.
    Do not rely on any support while standing.
    Don't shake your legs when you sit, and don't put your legs on a table or chair.
    Do not yawn in public. Do not roll your trousers. Women must pay attention to sitting.
    Keep quiet in some grand and formal occasions.
    Pay attention to the volume of speech should meet the requirements of the occasion.
    To  enter another person's office, you must first tap the door softly, and  you must enter with the consent. You must close the door when you leave.
    Always  keep in mind that every employee is an image ambassador of the company,  and at any time and place must pay attention to maintaining the  company's image and reputation.
    Third, telephone fax
    (a) make a call
    Confirm  the other party's name and name so as not to make wrong calls. At the  same time, you must use your name and use greetings and polite  expressions.
    It  is necessary to clarify the purpose of the call and prepare the content  to be spoken. The contents are in order, concise and clear.
    Accurately communicate time, place, numbers, etc. After you finish, you can summarize the main points of the content.
    The tone is sincere and sincere.
    After the call is finished, confirm that the other party has finished talking and then hang up.
    No  one answers the same call twice in a row, indicating that the other  party is inconvenient or unwilling to answer your call. You can change  it by other means.
    (b) answer the phone
    To pick up the handset, we must first say, "Hello! Qidu Pharmaceutical," and say "please speak."
    Confirm  the identity of the other party, the purpose of the call, and if  necessary, make a phone call record to facilitate the transfer. In particular, confirm important issues such as time, place, object or event.
    Answer questions to be concise and use polite language.
    Make a polite reply to the wrong number and let the other person reconfirm the phone number.
    The telephone rings within three rings.
    Conclusion: Bye-bye, rest assured, I must convey...
    Fourth, the meeting
    (a) before the meeting
    The  organizer of the conference shall inform the participants in advance of  the time, place, participants, and themes of the conference.
    Determining  the agenda of the meeting is to discuss or lay out which issues, and at  the same time, it is easy to prepare the schedule and agenda of the  meeting and meeting.
    Determine and implement the seat of leader on the rostrum, arrange seats, and sign the list.
    Prepare items such as paper, pens, notebooks, projectors, stereos, etc. according to the type and purpose of the meeting.
    If a large number of conferences are held, seat maps should also be prepared.
    Participants  are required to turn off the mobile phone or other communication tools  or adjust them to a vibration state so as not to interfere with the  normal operation of the conference.
    (II) At the meeting
    General introduction of participants.
    Control the conference process.
    Control the meeting time.
    Avoid running away or indefinitely.
    (III) After the meeting
    Recover table and chair position.
    Organize meeting materials (text and images) or keep files or submit articles to the company's internal newspapers.
    Five, ride
    (A) Commuter ride
    You  have to go up and down, ride cars in an orderly manner; wait in line,  wait for reciprocity, and don't rush in and crowd them together.
    Do not eat in the car, throw things out of the window, keep the sanitation of the carriage.
    After  rain, snow and sky, you should put umbrellas, raincoats and other rain  gear into plastic bags, or shake off the body's rain and snow in advance  to avoid wetting other people. Weapons that are already wet should be properly disposed of.
    It is best not to call in the car. If you have a hurry, make a low voice when you call to avoid affecting others.
    Do not put your body out of the car or move the facilities in the car.
    (two) ride on the car
    The  right rear seat of the driver is the main seat, the left seat of the  rear seat is the second seat, and then the seat next to the driver.
    If  the back seat needs three seats, the lowest position or the youngest  person should sit in the middle of the back row and declare to the other  crew: "Let me sit in the middle of the seat."
    If the leader or guests drive themselves, the seats side by side with the driver are the main guests.
    When  you get on and off the bus, the lower class, the younger person, and  the owner must open the door for the superior, the senior, and the guest  to get on and off. Men should get women off and on.
    (c) Various kinds of vehicles
    Anytime  you take a bus, regardless of your job title or whether you know it or  not, you must pay attention to the care of the elderly, women, and  children. You must respect the driver's work and flight attendant  management.
    Sixth, other
    Photographs,  meals, elevators, and other official activities and public places must  refer to the above methods, pay attention to civilized etiquette, pay  attention to prominent leaders, pay attention to the order of personnel,  and pay attention to the rules of conduct.