Qidu Pharmaceutical Holds Promotion Seminar on the theme of Lei Feng
Column:Employee Park Time:2018-05-18

On  the morning of March 13th, the theme conference of “Promoting the  spirit of Lei Feng and striving to be a good young man in the new era”  jointly organized by Qidu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and the Propaganda  Department and Lincang District Committee of Linfen District held a  meeting on the fifth floor of Qidu Pharmaceutical Science Park. Room held. Yu  Lei, Director of the Zibo City Volunteer Operation Command Center  attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Zhang Gang, the secretary  of the Youth League Committee, presided over the meeting. Qi Shouming,  deputy secretary of Party Committee of Qidu Pharmaceutical Group, made a  speech. Youth representatives of the Qidu Pharmaceutical Group and  young representatives from the region. A total of more than 500 people participated.

Wu  Xiyou, curator of China’s Lei Feng Culture Museum and the 22nd head of  the Lei Feng class, made the theme report of “Joining a New Era·Building  a Chinese Dream Together”. He combined his own growth experiences and  used simple language and emotions to revolve around the young people of  the new era. Lei Feng, how to learn Lei Feng, and what to learn from Lei Feng made a wonderful report. He  expounded the essence and connotation of Lei Feng spirit, explained how  to inherit and practice Lei Feng spirit, and advocated that young  people learn from Lei Feng to start from the little things around and  start from oneself, take Lei Feng as an example, and put his limited  life into boundlessness. The wholeheartedly serve the people. We  must vigorously promote civilized and new styles like Lei Feng and use  practical actions to promote the good social atmosphere of solidarity,  friendship, honesty, helpfulness, and courage, and use the down-to-earth  actions to inherit and carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng.

In  his speech, Yu Lei pointed out that it is necessary to fully understand  the significance of studying Lei Feng activities under the new  situation, deeply understand the connotation of Lei Feng spirit under  the new situation, and carry out the volunteer activities of “Learn Xue  Lei Feng” in depth. Comrade  Lei Feng was a brilliant example for the people throughout the country.  He described the glorious life poetry with his unfailing loyalty to the  party, his incomparable love for the motherland, and his infinite love  for the people and established a time-honored ideological and moral  benchmark; Lei Feng The  spirit embodies the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, conforms  to the trend of the times in social progress, and is a banner that  never fades and shines forever. Learning  Lei Feng threshold is not high, you are conscious; learning Lei Feng is  not easy, you are insisting; learning Lei Feng is extraordinary value,  expensive in spirit. It  is necessary to combine the learning of Lei Feng activities with the  creation of a civilized city to form a good social atmosphere for me as  everyone and for everyone, so that the activities of Lei Feng will  always be new and constantly radiate new vigor and vitality.

Wu  Shouming, on behalf of the Party Committee and the Board of Directors  of the Group, welcomed Comrade Wu Xiyou to the company for a special  report, thanked leaders at all levels for the strong support of the  Communist Youth League and the youth work, and put forward several hopes  and requests for the group's young employees: Taking  this meeting as an opportunity to carefully deploy and carry out the  activities of the group to learn about Lei Feng, it will combine the  promotion of the Lei Feng spirit with the firm ideals and beliefs of  young employees, and translate into actual actions to promote the  development of the company. The  second is to actively practice Comrade Lei Feng’s entrepreneurial  spirit of “hard work and diligence” in daily production and business  activities, and to study the professionalism of Lei Feng’s “doing one  line and loving one line, one line and one line”, and promoting Lei  Feng’s “forge ahead and self-improvement”. "The spirit of innovation, pioneering and courageous to play, and constantly achieve self-improvement and beyond. The  third is to combine the construction of corporate culture, promote the  dedication of Lei Feng to serve the people and help people, and continue  to promote the "employee care" project and "family culture"  construction, and create a civilized and harmonious atmosphere.

At  the meeting, the flag was given to the "learning Lei Feng Volunteer  Service Team." Wu Xiyou was hired to serve as an outside counselor for  Linxian District Young Pioneers, and young volunteer representatives  sent a "Leaving a new era of Lei Feng" initiative to young people  throughout the region. In the end, the report came to a close with the singing of "Learn Lei Feng's Good Example" by all the participants.